2013-14 NHFS Interpretation Update

2013-14 NFHS Wrestling Rules Interpretations Corrections/Updates

Underlining shows additions and strikethrough shows deletions.

Case Book and Manual page 25, 5-11-2 SITUATION G: Wrestler A has Wrestler B in a pinning situation and the referee is holding three near-fall points when B grasps A’s ear guards. The referee removes the hand, but allows action to continue to give A the opportunity to secure the fall. If (a) time expires or (b) the action is stopped due to the fact the wrestlers went out of bounds, how many points should be awarded?

RULING: Whether the period ends or an out of bounds situation occurs, the point awards would be the same. The referee shall award three four points for the near-fall and one point for grasping the ear guards. The offending wrestler shall not be allowed to profit from illegal action. (6-4-6; 7-3-2)

Note from Interpreter:

With this rule change, extra points will only be awarded if the referee is required to stop the match as a result of the infraction.  If the match is not interrupted, only the Near Fall points earned will be awarded and the appropriate penalty point or points.

Case Book and Manual Pages 64-65, 9-2-3 SITUATION C: In the finals of a wrestling tournament the two wrestlers are both disqualified from the match because of a double stalling call. How would this affect the results of team scoring?

RULING: If an individual qualifies for the finals the wrestler will receive the placement points for second place as long as there is no disqualification from the tournament. In this situation the two individuals are disqualified from the match but it is not a tournament disqualification, therefore, they would both receive second place points. If this happens in the first round there would be no advancement in either the championship bracket or the consolation bracket. In dual meet competition if this same situation would occur there would be no points earned by either wrestler.

Note from Interpreter:

Reminder to Coaches and Referees New York State uses the Weigh-in procedure described in the Program of Wrestling and the Green Book.  The protocol described in the NFHS Rules Book.  Rule 4-5-3 is not followed in New York.

Concussion Recognition and Management:

The referee does not need written permission for an athlete to return to competition nor does the referee need to verify the credentials of the appropriate health-care professional.  Ensuring compliance with the Suggested Management Guidelines is a health and safety issue and is the responsibility of the head coach and school administration, NOT the wrestling referee. 2012-2013 Rules Book, Points of emphasis, page 59.

In the Concussion Management Protocol, a much broader definition of appropriate health care profession is allowed unlike the skin forms, which require the signatures of a Physician, P.A., D.O. or a Nurse Practitioner, for a possible concussion situation an E.M.T. or a Trainer could be allowed.

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