2020-21 Rule Update – Facial Hair

In an effort to address some situations that have occurred recently dealing with facial hair and the wearing of masks during pre-meet inspections of contestants and during competition, the following information is being provided.

Rule 4-2-1 is still in effect, it has not been eliminated or modified.  “During competition, all wrestlers shall be clean shaven with sideburns trimmed no lower than earlobe level. A neatly trimmed mustache that does not extend below the line of the lower lip shall be permissible.”  “If an individual has facial hair, it shall be covered with a face mask.  All legal hair covers and face masks will be considered as special equipment.” 

During the pre-meet inspection of contestants, the official will inspect one wrestler at a time by checking the nails and then stepping back away and asking that the face covering be removed momentarily, so a visual inspection of the face and neck can be done.  Anyone not in compliance at that time will be notified that their facial hair exceeds the specified guidelines and is not compliant with the rules.

They may compete without shaving if they intend to wear a mask to satisfy the rule for the entire match.  Once the match has started, they will be required to wear the mask through its entirety.

Any wrestler given this option that reports for a match at any time during the event will be subject to Rule 7-3-5, “reporting to the scorer’s table, not properly equipped, or not ready to wrestle……”

They will be assessed one penalty point for a technical violation and charged with an injury time out, which will give them 1 ½ minutes to become compliant. 

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