2020-21 Season Rules Updates

4-1-1c Note – Clarified that female wrestlers wear an undergarment that completely covers their breast and that all wrestlers wear suitable undergarments that completely covers parts of their body for the singlet and/or form-fitted compression shirt uniform top.

Rationale: Female contestants shall wear a suitable undergarment that completely covers their breasts and minimizes the risk of exposure when they wear a form-fitted compression shirt under a singlet.

4-1-3 – Clarified how to address when a shoe comes off during wrestling action.

Rationale: This rule addresses when a shoe comes off during wrestling action, a technical violation is assessed, and the injury clock is started to correct the infraction.

4-2-1 – Modified the hair rule.

Rationale: The length requirement of the rule has been removed and hair covering is not mandatory. However, if a hair cover is used, it shall meet the expectations of the rule. The hair cover must be of a solid material, non-abrasive and shall be attached to the ear guards. Additionally, physical hair treatments/control items that present a risk to either wrestler due to the hardness, texture (sharpness) or abrasiveness and should not be allowed.

4-5-1 – Clarified how opponents shall weigh-in.

Rationale: Opponents regardless of gender shall weigh-in together because of the modification of the rule that allows them to wear a legal uniform for weigh-ins.

4-5-2 – Clarified how opponents shall weigh-in.

Rationale: Opponents regardless of gender shall stand shoulder-to-shoulder for the weighing-in process.

4-5-4 – Clarified who shall supervise weigh-ins.

Rationale: The referee or other authorized individuals (regardless of gender) are permitted to supervise weigh-ins.

 4-5-7 Note – Clarified the appropriate weigh-in attire.

Rationale: Wrestlers are now permitted to weigh-in wearing a legal uniform with suitable undergarments. This modification will simplify the weigh-in process by having all the competitors in the same area and can expedite the activity. Beside the legal uniform, the wrestlers may wear low-cut socks on the scale. The socks cannot be removed or added for fear that practice would affect the wrestler’s weight loss or gain.

5-29-1 – Modified the definition of unnecessary roughness.

Rationale: Pulling an opponent’s hair is a violation. This practice could cause injury to the neck and should be penalized accordingly.

7-3-1 – Clarified the application of a technical violation while a wrestler is attempting to flee.

Rationale: If the defensive wrestler is taken down or is in the near fall criteria while they are trying to flee the mat, there will not be additional penalty points assessed. The fleeing attempt was poorly executed and was unsuccessful.

8-1-4 – Modified the administration of the stalling penalty.

Rationale: Upon the fourth stalling penalty, the match shall be stopped, two points awarded to the opponent and they are given choice of position on the restart. The match stoppage ensures that there is time remaining for the restart.

Penalty Chart – Modified to reflect the administration of the stalling penalty.

Rationale: The Stalling Penalty Chart modification is reflective of the change to the fourth stalling offense.

8-2-9 – Modified how imminent scoring should be administered.

Rationale: When a match is stopped for an injury during a scoring situation, the official makes the determination that the scoring would have been successful had the action continued. The referee charges the injured wrestler an injury time-out and awards the applicable points to the opponent.


4-1-4, 4-5-1, 5-11-2 Illustration #6, 5-15-1 Illustration #11, 5-24-4d, 5-28-6, 7-6-3 e-f


  • Wrestler’s Equipment
  • Cleanliness of Uniforms, Pads and Mats
  • Hair Rule Enforcement
  • Sportsmanship Enforcement
  • Weigh-In Protocol
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