WOA History 1956 - 1960


The first meeting held to establish the Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association of Section Five was held at the home of Leo Bernabi on December 9, 1956.  Those present were President Leo Bernabi (Spencerport), Earl Fuller (RIT), Tony Beisman (East High), Ray Dougherty (Alexander) and Secretary Bob Lays (Rochester). According to the minutes of the first meeting, “The WCOA was roughly defined as an association to work independently of but always in cooperation with Section V to improve the status of and to further interest in wrestling in this area.”  The representatives decided on their objectives and delegated the writing of a constitution to Leo Bernabi and Earl Fuller.  The organization would include both coaches and officials because they shared a common interest in promoting the sport.  Each representative was given an assignment to make contacts with other people who could be of assistance.  Earl Fuller was to contact the American Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association.

At the second meeting on January 6, 1957, held at Alexander Central School, those present were President Leo Bernabi (Spencerport), Tony Beisman (East High), Ray Dougherty (Alexander) and Secretary Bob Lays (Rochester) and Ray Southard (Attica).  The proposed constitution was discussed as was the offer of assistance from Bob Jacobson, President of Niagara Frontier Wrestling Officials and Coaches.

The third meeting, February 17, 1957, at Spencerport Central was attended by President Leo Bernabi (Spencerport), Earl Fuller (RIT), Tony Beisman (East High), Ray Dougherty (Alexander) and Secretary Bob Lays (Rochester)and Ray Southard (Attica).  Bob Jacobson, President of Niagara Frontier Wrestling Officials and Coaches, was a guest and he gave many important details regarding the operation of the Niagara Frontier group, with emphasis on rules interpretations, administration of exams, dues, membership in the AWCOA and officiating assignments. The WCOA found this information to be very valuable.  There was considerable discussion which resulted in the suggestion to the Sectional Chairman and the present county chairmen regarding the reorganization of wrestling in Section V.  These included organizing the Section into 5 leagues or districts each with a chairman who would be responsible for setting up a league schedule and for setting up a tournament to select champions in each weight class who would then compete in the Sectional Tournament Championships. It was decided to invite county chairmen to the next meeting.  Fifty cents was collected from Southard, Beisman, Bernabi, Fuller and Lays for stamps and envelopes.

It was at the fourth meeting, February 24, 1957, that the WCOA Constitution was finally approved. Attending were Leo Bernabi, Bob Baker (Geneseo), TonyBeisman, Ray Daugherty, Bob Lays, Joe Corcoran (Geneva), Joe Manly (Wellsville), Sidney Miles (Allegany County Chairman) and Bob Terbush (Webster & Monroe County Chairman). It was reported that 47 of 119 Section 5 schools had wrestling, that Mike Spieridonis would be contacted about getting permission to appear before the Section 5 Council and that the next meeting would be with all coaches and officials following the Class B Sectional Finals at RIT on March 2. About 35 coaches and officials attended that meeting and they agreed to collect $1 dues for the year.

The following is the first list of paid WCOA members as of March, 1957.

W.C.O.A.  PAID MEMBERS ($1.00)  1957
Hauck, Alton J; Athletic Director – Perry C.S. Bernabi, Leo; Coach – Spencerport C. S.
Spierdonis, Mike; Athletic Director – Albion C.S. Lays, Bob; Coach/Official – Rochester
Smith, Walter; Coach Corning – Free Academy DeBottis, Peter; Coach – Mynderse/Seneca Falls
Southard, Ray; Coach – Attica Corcoran, Joe; Coach/Official – Geneva
Auble, Harry; Coach – Corning North Ottley, Frank; Official – Geneva
Quinane, Richard; Coach – Hornell Manly, John – Geneva
Baier, Joe; Coach – Rush-Henrietta Davis, Ken; Coach – Marshall Rochester
Cole, Dave; Official – Rochester Teamerson, Art; Coach – Charlotte Rochester
Spencer, John; Coach – Madison Rochester Beisman, Anthony; Coach – East High Rochester
Graine, Ed; Asst. Coach – R.I.T. Reddy, Frank; Official – Rochester
Fuller, Earl; Coach – R. I.T. Terbush, Bob; Coach – Webster C.S.
Nelson, Kelly; Coach – Letchworth Baker, Bob; Coach – Geneseo
Abraham, George; Official – Geneva Ravazhieu, Tom ; Official – Geneva,
Strassner, John; Coach – Monroe Rochester Soleman; Official – Geneva
Shafer, Jack; Coach – Perry C. S. Abraham, Joe; Official – Hobart, Geneva
Daugherty, Bob; Coach – Albion C.S. DeMuth, Ray; Official – Hobart, Geneva
Daugherty, Ray; Coach – Alexander C. S. Dunning, Dutch; Coach-Official – Bolivar C. S.
Snyder, Bob; Coach/Official – Waterloo C.S.

The First Annual Spring Dinner Meeting was held at Marco Inn, Perry, N    .Y. on April 6, 1957.  Present for dinner were 25 members who were served 23 steak dinners at $2 each and 2 chicken dinners at $2.00 each. Mike Spierdonis, Section 5 Wrestling Chairman, spoke and commended the WCOA for its fine purpose and planning.  New Officers were elected: Tony Beisman, President; Dave Cole, Vice President; Pete DeBottis, Secretary; and Joe Corcoran, Treasurer.  Clarence Campbell (Canisteo) and Ray Daugherty (Alexander) were appointed to the Executive Committee.  Standing Committee chairmen were appointed as follows:  Public Relations – Ray Daugherty, Rules and Tournaments – Earl Fuller, Officials – Frank Reddy, Amendments – Bob Baker.  The secretary was directed to send a letter to John Archer, Malverne, NY, requesting approval or steps necessary to secure approval of the NYSPHSAA.

1957 – 1958

An Executive Committee meeting was held on May 3, 1957 at the home of President Tony Beisman.  Others present were Frank Reddy, Earl Fuller, Dave Cole, Ray Daugherty, John Spencer and Bob Lays. Ray Daugherty submitted an extensive report on Section V Wrestling which included a map of schools in Section V and a list of those schools that have wrestling and a list of association members.  Of the 120 schools surveyed, 82 responded.  The responses from schools that did not have wrestling listed facilities and/or lack of a coach as the main problem.  This was a detailed survey and it took a lot of time and effort on the part of Ray Daugherty.  His outstanding work provided valuable information. It is unfortunate for us that Ray moved to California soon after this to live, coach and teach at Cal Poly. Bob Lays replaced him as Public Relations Chairman.

When the Executive Committee members Earl Fuller, Bob and Ray Daugherty, Mike Spierdonis, Frank Reddy, Henry Auble, Dave Cole, Joe Corcoran John Spencer and Pete DeBottis met in Geneva on May 17, 1957, they reviewed the steps that were given to them by Bob Woodruff, State Wrestling Committee Chairman, for organizing a “qualified and recognized organization,” with emphasis on the 5 Point Plan, rules exams, interpretation meetings and certification.  Not all teams were part of leagues so they also discussed setting up division that would then send their champion in each class to a sectional classification, AA, A, B, CD.

At the annual association business meeting in Geneseo on June 7, 1957 all these were discussed. Not all coaches agreed on the divisional set up because of travel or other reasons.  Steps were taken to meet with the Section 5 Athletic Committee.  Earl Fuller was given responsibility for developing a membership application form and a report form on wrestling officials as well as an interpretation meeting for coaches and officials at RIT in September and clinic at RIT in November. The form developed by Earl contained basically the same types of items that are on the forms now used by the WOA of Section 5 to evaluate probationary candidates at the mat test for promotion. Earl Fuller led the discussion that organization of the Sectional Tournament with groups of schools in each class holding elimination tournaments to determine a team of 12 finalists. Those teams of finalists would then meet for the championship.

The Executive Committee met on June 26, 1957 in Seneca Falls at the home of Pete DeBottis. Present were President Tony Beisman, Earl Fuller, Bob Lays, Joe Corcoran and Pete DeBottis. The group was told that there were specific steps the WCOA must follow to be accepted by the Section as a bona fide organization plans were made to meet with the Section 5 Athletic Committee.

At a dinner meeting at the home of President Beisman on August 28, 1957, Pete DeBottis, Bob Lays, Dave Cole, Leo Bernabi met with Al Hauck of the Section V Athletic Committee. The WCOA pointed out what it would like to see accomplished in wrestling in Section Five.  Mr. Hauck explained the machinery of the athletic set up from the State Department down through the Section and to the individual leagues and schools and pointed out that any Sectional tournament would have to come from the Section Athletic Council.  The WCOA could make recommendations but the final word would rest with the Section.  Mr. Hauck suggested that the WCOA try to gain recognition from the Section primarily an officials group and secondly as an organization that would recommend ideas for the betterment of wrestling.  He pointed out that unless the WCOA worked through the proper channels of County Chairmen and school administrators, little would be accomplished.

In a letter to President Tony Beisman from Harold “Doc” Bonesteel (Geneva), President of Section 5, Bonesteel wrote “I am amazed at the amount of information and (am) impressed with your suggestions. I am asking Mike Spierdonis to boil it down and present it at our September meeting.  For the Section and myself, may I express our appreciation of your work and interest.  It is a sport that is growing so rapidly that we need all the help we can get.”

On September 16, 1957, Tony Beisman and Pete DeBottis attended a Section V Athletic Council dinner where Al Hauck (Perry) recommended that the Sectional Tournament be held for wrestling teams only and the wrestling tournament be divided into 2 classifications.  All AA schools would be in the A Classification and all other schools with wrestling teams would compete in the B Classification.  This motion was passed. It was also stated that a representative of the WCOA would have to be determined to sit in on Council meetings of Section 5. (Note: I wonder what ever became of that.)

At the October 3, 1957 Executive Committee meeting at Geneseo High, the following were present:  President Tony Beisman, Dave Cole, Joe Corcoran, Frank Mielnicki, Leo Bernabi, Earl Fuller, Frank Reddy, Dutch Dunning, Clarence Campbell, Bob Lays, Don Mahon, Bob Daugherty, Bob Baker and Pete DeBottis.  It was reported that the WCOA roster listed 48 paid members and 16 qualified as officials with more to be tested. It was decided that the WCOA would submit a list of approved officials to the schools and schools would use the list to select officials.  Earl Fuller agreed to conduct clinics.  He used his wrestlers at Canisteo, Perry and RIT in November. All recognized that these clinics were instrumental in the development of wrestling in Section 5 with special credit to Earl Fuller.  President Tony Beisman sent a letter to RIT President Dr. Mark Ellingson that included the large numbers of coaches and wrestlers who benefited from Earl’s efforts. The WCOA agreed to recommend a fee of $12.50 for a Varsity meet plus .10 a mile one way.  Schools voted 28-15 to approve this recommendation.

The Section 5 Athletic Council approved the WCOA and also decided that wresting was to be considered a winter sport with the “A” classification made up of 24 of the largest schools and the “B” classification made up of the remaining schools.

The 1958 WCOA membership list had 49 members.  Many were coaches and officials. Over half were involved in officiating.

WCOA MEMBERS 1957-1958

O – Official
Anderson, Jack RIT Abraham, Joe Hobart College Auble, Harry Corning Northside HS
Baier, Joe Rush Henrietta HS Lays, Bob; Coach/Official – Rochester Baker, Bob-O Geneseo High
Beisman, Tony East High Bernabi, Leo-O Spencerport CS Campbell, Clarence Canisteo CS
Cole, Dave Webster, NY Corcoran, Joe Corning Free Academy Daugherty, Bob-O Perry CS
Davis, Ken-O Marshall HS Dunning, Bob-O Bolivar CS DeBottis. Pete Mynderse Academy
Fuller, Earl-O RIT Hauck, Al Perry Central Johnston, Fred Andover CS
Lays, Bob-O Rochester, NY Manley, John Wellsville CS Mielnicki, Frank Spencerport CS
Modrak, James-O RIT Nelson, Kelly Letchworth CS Quinane, Dick-O Hornell CS
Reddy, Frank-O Rochester, NY Ravashieu, Tom Geneva, NY Schafer, Jack Perry CS
Southard, Ray Attica CS Snyder, Robert Waterloo High Spierdonis, Mike-O Albion CS
Spencer, John-O Madison High Teamerson, Art Charlotte High Terbush, Bob-O Webster CS
Thomas, Don-O Rochester, NY Thompson, Jim Hammondsport CS Wilson Lawrence-O Rochester, NY
Gentile, Al-O Wayne CS Conlon, J.T. Mynderse Academy Cali, Vince Perry CS
Mahon, Don-O Campbell CS Davis, Gene-O Warsaw CS Jordan, Ralph-O Spencerport CS
Bunce, Roger-O Rochester, NY D’Ambrosia, Joe-O Rochester, NY Emmi, Al-O Painted Post, NY
Smith, Ron-O Castile, NY Yunevich, Alex-O Alfred U. Schmidt, Chick Monroe HS
Pike, Ed Rochester, NY Benz, William Edison Tech

A special meeting was held on January 2, 1958.  Present were President Tony Beisman, Bob Terbush, Frank Reddy, Bob Baker, Mike Spierdonis, Earl Fuller, Clarence Campbell and Dave Cole, who acted as secretary.  Discussion centered on organizing a future dinner meeting, a positive evaluation of the fall clinics which Clarence Campbell said “was the best thing we have ever done,” publication of a January newsletter, the need for greater publicity, and a proposal to have a consolation round at the Sectionals.

At the January, 1958 NYSPHSAA Wrestling Committee meeting, it was reported that many sections had officials groups that fulfilled the 5 point program. However, there was no N.Y. State officials’ organization at this time.  Members of the NYSPHSAA campaigned to secure National Federation High School Rules for wrestling, possibly in one volume.  (This was not accomplished until the 1972-1973 season., so everyone continued to use the NCAA Rules Book which had high school modifications indicated under a few rules.)  In the absence of a Federation Rules Exam it was decided that Lonnie Kittle, Long Island Commissioner for Wrestling, submit an exam based on NCAA Rules. </p.

On February 15, 1958, 23 of the 29 members of the WCOA attended a dinner meeting ($3 for steak or $2.50 for chicken) at the Marco Inn in Perry. Frank Reddy reported that 29 of the members were officials.  The business is summarized as follows:  decided to join the AWCOA, help to promote the Niagara District AAU Tournament at RIT which high school wrestlers could enter unattached, approved the idea of each new official having a sponsor who will observe that official a minimum of 3 times, send out a rating card for all officials so the results could be used by schools to select officials for the following year, that a system of rotating officers be put in place so that a completely new slate would not take office at one time, and that the offices of secretary and treasurer be combined because this would facilitate conducting association business.

The March 19, 1958 Executive Council Meeting addressed some important issues such as the lack of publicity from the Rochester papers, the definite need for a doctor to be present at all tourney meets, the fact that high school wrestlers could compete only against other high school boys at an AAU Tournament, the need for a method of assigning officials for all dual meets and a recommendation that officials pay $3 in dues and non-officiating members would pay $1. This was accepted at a later meeting.

The WCOA received communication from Bob Woodruff, State Wrestling Chairman, on efforts to improve wrestling by continuing to push for a National Federation Rule Book, requesting that an additional tournament to approved, concern about complaints regarding weight reduction and a suggestion that state wide minimum weights be established. By this time 7 sections had officials’ organizations and the WCOA was asked to make provisions for a wrestling clinic, run by Earl Fuller, at the upcoming NYPHSAA Conference to be held in Rochester.

1958 – 1959

At the October 5, 1958 Executive Council meeting attended by President Tony Beisman,  Clarence Campbell,, Mike Spierdonis, Bob Lays, Earl Fuller, Leo Bernabi, Bob Baker, Harry Auble, Bob Terbush and Pete DeBotts, it was decided that  the officials uniform for WCOA officials would be white shirt with sleeves rolled down and buttoned, white trousers and the official WCOA emblem worn over the left pocket of the shirt.  The list of clinics to be conducted by Earl Fuller was also discussed.  Effective, November, 1959, the dues for active officials were raised to $4 and included 2 WCOA emblems and a rule book.

A meeting was held on October 28, 1958 at Brighton High and attended by President Tony Beisman, Earl Fuller, Jim Modrak, Leo Bernabi, Bob Daugherty, Bob Baker, Bob Lays, Ralph Jordan, Dave Cole Frank Mielnicki, Frank Reddy, Clarence Campbell, Mike Spierdonis, Ron Smith, Bob Terbush, Roger Bunce and Pete DeBottis. The meetings and clinics for the season were set up as was the Sectional Tournament and a novice tournament as a part of the Winter Carnival for schools that had 5 boys or less. It was noted that Section 5 would pay mileage expenses and a meal for the finalists and consolation wrestlers only.

The WCOA issued a Newsletter in December, 1958 that included the following information:

  • A listing of the coaches and schools represented at each of the clinics attended by nearly 500 coaches and wrestlers at 3 clinics held at Perry, Corning Northside and RIT in November and December,
  • Special thanks to the following: Section 5 Chairman Mike Spierdonis for making those clinics possible though Section 5;  RIT Coach Earl Fuller and 4 of his wrestlers, Aceto, Hoffman, Cullen and West; to those who helped conduct clinics: Frank Mielnicki, Bob Baker, Clarence Campbell, Leo Bernabi, Tony Beisman, Bob Lays, Bob Daugherty, Harry Auble and Jim Modrak.
  • The estimated total attendance at the 32 matches reported before Christmas was 3542.  Average attendance at each match was over 110.
  • Protection Equipment, manufacturer of Polvonite mats moved its sales office from Pennsylvania to Rochester (No high school in Section 5 had one yet and RIT was the first to get an Ensolite mat in our area and Madison High in Rochester was the first city school to purchase one in the early 1960’s.)
  • Amateur wrestling is the fastest growing sport in the U.S.   New York leads with approximately 300 teams of which 225 are high school, Pennsylvania has about 225 and California about 160.

The membership for the 1958-1959 season included 33 officials, many of whom also coached.

WCOA MEMBERS 1958-1959

O – Official
Aceto, Rudy Brockport Central DeBottis. Pete Mynderse Academy Picciarillo, Joe Hornell
Auble, Harry Corning Northside HS Dunning, Bob-O Bolivar CS Reddy, Frank-O Rochester, NY
Baker, Bob-O Geneseo High D’Ambrosia, Joe-O Rochester, NY Smith, Ron-O Castile, NY
Beisman, Tony East High Emmi, Al-O Painted Post, NY Southard, Ray Attica CS
Bernabi, Leo-O Spencerport CS Fuller, Earl-O RIT Spencer, John-O Madison High
Bunce, Roger-O Rochester, NY Gentile, Al-O Wayne CS Spierdonis, Mike-O Albion CS
Cheski, Wm.-O Hornell, NY Hackemer, John-O Warsaw, NY Terbush, Bob-O Webster CS
Clark, John-O Naples Central Jordan, Ralph-O Spencerport CS Thomas, Don-O Rochester, NY
Cole, Dave Webster, NY Lays, Bob-O Rochester Van Horn, Clarence-O Savonna, NY
Damon, Walter-O Industry, NY Mahon, Don-O Campbell CS Wilson, Larry-O Scottsville, NY
Daugherty, Bob-O Perry CS Mashano, Hank-O Belmont Central Yunevich, Alex-O Alfred U.
Davis, Gene-O Warsaw CS Modrak, James-O RIT
Davis, Ken-O Marshall HS Nelson, Kelly Letchworth CS

An association meeting was held at RIT on January 17, 1959 and attended by President Tony Beisman, Frank Reddy, Dave Cole, Bob Lays, Bob Terbush, Leo Bernabi, Mike Spierdonis, Walt Damon, Jean Davis, Bob Daugherty Roger Aceto, John Spencer and Pete DeBottis.  They planned and discussed organization of Sectionals for Classes A and B the Spring Meeting.

On April 11, 1959, President Tony Beisman conducted the Spring Business meeting after a dinner attended by 23 members.  Discussion included many thanks to Earl Fuller for his valuable clinics, the concerns about insurance and age factor for officials under 21, the idea seeking permission from Section 5 to host a Christmas tournament and centralizing the location on a specific date for the administration of the written exam.  The new officers were elected as follows: President, Pete DeBottis; Vice President, Henry Auble; Secretary, Bob Lays.

1959 – 1960

The WCOA made plans for the 1959-1960 season at an October Executive meeting and finalized at a Fall Luncheon Meeting at the Marco Inn in Perry on October 18.  It was decided to have a more balanced representation on the Executive Council with a coach and official representing each division of the section.  President Pete DeBottis made the following appointments:

  • Division I – Wyoming, Genesee, Orleans Counties – Coach Bob Daugherty and Official Ray Southard
  • Division II – Monroe and  Livingston Counties – Coach Bob Terbush and Official Dave Cole
  • Division III – City of Rochester – Coach John Spencer and Official Frank Reddy
  • Division IV – Wayne, Seneca, Ontario, Yates Counties – Coach Elmer Leach and Official Al Gentile
  • Division V – Allegany and Steuben Counties – Coach Harold Hackett and Official Don Mahon

They also discussed the organization of the Sectional Tournaments for March. Even though these had to be approved by the Section, the WCOA really did the thinking and their proposals were accepted.

They made plans for clinics that would be held at different parts of the Section. Attendance at the 4 jointly sponsored clinics by Section 5 and the WCOA at the start of the 1959 season showed the tremendous wrestling interest that had been generated in our area. Once again Earl Fuller and his RIT wrestlers were responsible for the success of the clinics.  At Canisteo on November 20, 44 coaches and officials attended and 138 wrestlers were dressed to participate.  At Perry on November 23, 19 coaches and officials attended and 159 wrestlers were dressed to participate.  At Geneva on November 24, 9 coaches and officials attended and 77 wrestlers were dressed to participate.  The clinic at RIT had 28 coaches and officials attended and 270 wrestlers dressed to participate. At the RIT clinic on December 12, Earl Fuller was assisted by Clarkson coach Jack Hantz, John Spencer of Madison, Pat Augustine of Geneva, George Hart of Franklin, Bob Terbush of Webster, Leo Bernabi of Spencerport and Bob Lays of Rochester.  All of the clinics had spectators also, with RIT having the most with 150. Once again, it was the hard work and dedication of Earl Fuller that was instrumental in the development of fundamental wrestling skills for Section 5 wrestlers.

This was also the first year that all wrestling officials organizations were to operate under the NY State “5 point plan” and that schools were obligated to use certified officials.  Leo Bernabi was put in charge of certification and meetings were established for testing and rules interpretation. NCAA rules were used and officials were directed to “CLOSELY ADHERE to the rules AS WRITTEN.”

The officials, many of whom also coached, were certified with NY State for the 1959-1960 wrestling season.


Augustine, Pat – Canandaigua Dunning, Bob – Bolivar Pammieri, Anthony – Rochester
Baker, Bob – Geneseo Fuller, Earl – RIT Picciarillo, Joe – Hornell
Bernabi, Leo – Spencerport Gentile, Al – Wayne Reddy, Frank – Rochester
Bunce, Roger – Rochester Hackett, Harold – Almond Smith, Ron – Castile
Cheski, Wm.-O Hornell, NY Incardona, Frank – Rochester Southard, Ray- Attica
Clark, John – Naples Jordan, Ralph – Spencerport Spencer, John Madison
Cole, Dave – Webster Lays, Bob – Rochester Snider, Gordon – Rochester
Connell, Ray – Livonia Linkner, Wm. – Snyder Sykela, Andy – Rush
D’Ambrosia, Joe – Rochester Lyndaker, Harvey – Medina Terbush, Bob – Webster
Damon, Walter – Industry Mahon, Don – Bath Thomas, Don – Rochester
Davis, Gene – Warsaw Mosgrove, Bill – Hornell Wilcox, Robert – Almond
Davis, Ken Marshall Nelson, Kelly – Letchworth Yunevich, Alex – Alfred U.
DeBottis, Pete – Mynderse Academy Ordiway, John – Dansville
COACH MEMBERS 1959-1960 (non officials)
Beisman, Tony – East High Carlberg, Herb – Brighton Mielnicki, Frank – Spencerport
Boylan, Stan – Addison King, Paul – Avoca Quinn, Don – East Rochester
Brown, Wm. – Honeoye Falls McCrum, Larry – Friendship Spink, Ed – Painted Post

The annual Spring Meeting, attended by 25 members, was held on April 10, 1960 and as conducted after a dinner at the Marco Inn in Perry. (Dinner was $3 for shrimp cocktail, relish tray, rolls and butter, tossed salad, T-Bone steak smothered in mushrooms, hand cut French fries, French cut green beans, home baked apple pie and choice of beverage.)  Items discussed were as follows: concern about wrestling competition taking place according to weight classes rather than age, the fact that the cost of special insurance for officials was prohibitive, discussion regarding what was appropriate dress for officials, the process for maintaining certification , a recommendation that all wrestlers in tournaments should wear shirts, tights and legal uniforms and the need for a Section 5 policy regarding participation by high school students in outside competition beyond the season.  The report from the Section 5 Wrestling Chairman, Mike Spierdonis included words of appreciation to the WCOA for working so hard to make the season successful and a request to meet with the Executive Committee to plan the next season.  This emphasized the significant role played by the WCOA in Section 5 wrestling.  A list of 37 members was submitted to NY State as wrestling officials who met the certification requirements.  The candidates proposed by the nominating committee were President, Harry Auble, Vice President, Bob Terbush and Secretary, Bob Lays.  Election was unanimous.

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