WOA History 1960 - 1965

1960 – 1961

The Fall Meeting, attended by 47, was conducted by President Harry Auble after dinner at the Mt. Morris Inn.  There was a great deal of discussion  about Sectionals, the process of certifying officials and  the types of meetings needed to accomplish that and a request that coaches submit suggestions on weight control. A complimentary letter from a former Section 5 member who had moved to Section 7 was read.  It pointed out how advanced wrestling was in Section 5 compared to his new area and how this was due to the work done by the WCOA.  The following officials were certified.


Augustine, Pat – Canandaigua Davis, Jean – Warsaw Lays, Bob – Rochester Smith, Ron – Castile
Austin, Blaine – Wellsville Davis, Ken – Rochester Linkner, Wm. – Snyder Snider, Gordon – Rochester
Baker, Bob – Geneseo DeBottis, Pete – Seneca Falls Lyndaker, Harvey – Medina Southard, Ray – Attica
Bellardini, Henry – Corning Dunning, Bob – Bolivar Mahon, Don – Bath Spencer, John – Spencerport
Bernabi, Leo – Spencerport Fuller, Earl – Rochester Manioci, Dominic – Rochester Sykela, Andy – Henrietta
Bunce, Roger – Rochester Gentile, Al – Wayne Mosgrove, Bill – Hornell Terbush, Bob – Webster
Cheski, Wm. – Hornell Greibus, Vic – Rochester McMullen, Charles – Brockport Thomas, Don – Rochester
Clark, John – Naples Hackemer, John – Warsaw Obrochta, James – Hammonsport Williams, James – Union Springs
Cole, Dave – Webster Hackett, Harold – Almond Ordiway, John – Dansville Wilcox, Robert – Almond
Connell, Ray – Livonia Hunt, Roy – Brockport Nelson, Kelly – Gainsville Yunevich, Alex – Alfred
D’Ambrosia, Joe – Rochester Incardona, Frank – Rochester Picciarillo, Joe – Hornell
Damon, Walter – Industry Jordon, Ralph – Spencerport Reddy, Frank – Rochester
COACH MEMBERS 1960-1961 (non officials)
Aceto, Rudy – Brockport CS Capozzi, Armond – Geneva Leach, Elmer – Geneva High Teamerson, Art – Charlotte High
Auble, Harry – Corning Northside Connorton, Art – Irondequoit Nacca, Tom – Greece Olympia Teike, Walt – Pittsford CS
Baier, Joe – Rush Henrietta CS Currier, Dan – Penn Yan Neuhard, Nick – Newark High
Beisman, Tony – East High Dwiegel, Maurice – Hilton CS Quinn, Don – East Rochester High
Bergh, Richard – Canisteo CS Gilfilian, Gordon – Waterloo CS Ricci, Tom – Batavia HS
Brown, Wm. – Honeoye Falls Hart, George – Franklin Sinbaldi, Larry – Spencerport CS
Campbell, Clarence, Canisteo CS King, Paul – Avoca CS Spierdonis, Mike – Albion/Section 5 Chairman
The 1960-1961 season brought some major rules changes.
  • “The costume shall consist of full length tights and close flitting outside short trunks. Trunks may be worn without tights if they are fitted so as to prevent unseemly exposure. However, full length tights and covering sleeveless shirts are recommended.  When trunks are worn without tights, shirts shall be required.  The one-piece uniform is illegal.”
  • “Nosebleeds or other excessive bleeding shall not be interpreted as an injury. The number and length of time outs will be at the discretion of the referee.”
  • “Disqualification for technical or illegal holds does not eliminate the competitor from the tournament.”
  • “A Referee’s verbal warning shall precede the first penalty for stalling.”
The WCOA and Section 5 continued cooperating in the planning, organization and operation of the Section 5 Wrestling Tournament.  The Section 5 Chairman requested that the WCOA assign officials for all Section 5 Tournaments. Once again, Earl Fuller and his wrestlers conducted clinics at Corning Free Academy, Warsaw Central, RIT and Canandaigua Academy and attendance exceeded 1100 wrestlers, coaches and officials.  There were also spectators.  The RIT Clinic was responsible for about half of that total.  In addition to Earl Fuller, the RIT clinic featured Leo Bernabi (U of R coach), Larry Sinabaldi (Spencerport coach) and Dr. Robert Hoke (NCAA champion and son of Jess Hoke, publisher of Amateur Wrestling News)) who was training at Strong in preparation for assignment to a nuclear submarine. Twelve of 14 passed the written exam at Warsaw and then completed a short practical exam by officiating a match that consisted of 3 periods of 30 seconds each.  A panel of judges agreed that all were well acquainted with the rules and they were added to the list of probationary officials. On January 21, 1961 at the NYSPHSAA Convention, Bob Lays represented the WCOA.  The wrestling officials’ chapters in NY State voted unanimously to form a state organization and elected Pat Phillips of Watertown as the first president.  Ron Roch was elected secretary. At the request of the State Association the WCOA sent a rating sheet in February to each coach with a listing of the 49 officials. They were asked to rate each official they had seen during the season and to make comments about each and were not required to sign their names, but had to indicate either Class A or B.  The ratings ranged from 3 = Superior to 0 = Poor. They were also asked to circle the names of 3 officials they wanted for Sectionals. Of the 64 forms sent out, 35 were returned by the deadline and 7 more arrived later.  Earl Fuller received the highest overall average of 2.73 on 12 ratings. The annual Spring Meeting was held on April 16, 1961 at Miller’s Colonial Inn in Canandaigua.  Again, the meeting followed a great dinner. President Harry Auble announced the retirement of Sectional Chairman, Mike Spierdonis and the WCOA presented him with a small gift.  Discussion centered around the poor newspaper coverage for the Sectionals, a report about weight control which suggested a uniform plan that would be followed by the entire section, a proposal for testing new officials which would include passing a written exam, a short oral test on match procedures and the officiating of a match of three 30 second periods observed by a panel. It was agreed that the 90 second match was insufficient time to give a valid indication of the candidate’s ability.  At this time, there was no state wide requirement for officials’ uniforms (the local determined the uniform) and the membership failed to agree on the penalty for an official who was out of uniform.  There was a lot of discussion about the organization of Sectional Tournaments and suggestions were forwarded to Section 5 along with a request that the WCOA be given representation at Section 5 Council meetings. There were some suggestions regarding the 5 point plan for officials:
  1. Better publicity about meeting times and dates (there was no list)
  2. Officials should dress for work at the interpretation meetings and have more practical work on the mat and less discussion.
The members elected officers for the 1961-1962 season were as follows: President, Bob Terbush; Vice President, Don Mahon; Secretary, Bob Lays.

1961 – 1962

There were some major rules changes for the 1961-1962 season.  These included:
  • All personnel other than the participating contestants shall be restricted to an area well removed from the actual mat area
  • Takedowns: 2 points for the first takedown by each wrestler and 1 point for each subsequent takedown during the regular match and in overtime matches, 2 points also awarded for the first takedown by each wrestler and 1 for each subsequent takedown.
  • Two points awarded for a predicament
  • Split scissors to be classified as potentially dangerous
  • Referee may award points to opponent for unnecessary roughness in addition to points earned in the action.
  • Recommendation that each state formulate a weight control program
  • Mandatory for wrestlers to wear a shirt in 1962-1963
  • Overhead double bar is illegal
The WCOA Fall Business meeting was held on October 29, 1961 following dinner at the Mt. Morris Inn.  President Bob Terbush announced the resignation of Secretary Bob Lays (inactive and at Denver University) and the members elected Bob Baker in accordance with the constitution.  He introduced the new Section 5 Chairman, Pete DeBottis.  There was discussion of clinics and the suggestion of a match between the Class A and Class B champions. Members agreed to raise dues for officials to $5 which included $1 for the dues paid to the newly formed NYSWOA.  Earl Fuller was appointed as the WCOA representative to the first state rules interpretation meeting in Syracuse. NYSWOA President Pat Phillips, who was scheduled to attend the National Federation meeting in Chicago, conducted the NY State meeting with the objective of having standardized rules interpretations throughout the state. Once again, Earl Fuller and his wrestlers conducted 4 clinics at Hammondsport, Attica, Geneva and RIT with nearly 600 wrestlers taking part. Alex Yunevich in conjunction with Don Mahan announced plans for clinics following wrestling matches at Alfred University. It appears that rules interpretation meetings for officials to make the 5 point plan were held in conjunction with college meets at RIT, U of R and Alfred.  There was no published list of special meetings. There was no published contract that had a list of fees so they had to be clarified.  A varsity match was $12.50 plus mileage (Note: a probationary was allowed to referee a varsity match and would receive the same fee).  If an official handled JV in addition to the varsity match, he was paid $1 per bout up to 6 bouts and a full fee if there were more than 6 bouts.  Probationary officials received $.50 a bout for JV or exhibition bouts with a minimum fee of $5.00. WCOA CERTIFIED OFFICIALS 1961-1962 SEASON (List includes inactive officials who meet certification requirements) *Probationary and J.V. – includes first year officials, JV officials and officials who did not meet 5 point plan in previous year or were returning from inactive status
Augustine, Pat – Canandaigua DeBottis, Pete – Seneca Falls Mahon, Don – Bath Spencer, John – Spencerport
Austin, Blaine – Wellsville Fuller, Earl – Rochester Mosgrove, Bill – Hornell Sykela, Andy – Henrietta
Baker, Bob – Geneseo Gentile, Al – Wayne Ordiway, John – Dansville Terbush, Bob – Webster
Bellardini, Henry – Corning Greibus, Vic – Rochester Nelson, Kelly – Gainsville *Trauscht, Mike – Attica
Bernabi, Leo – Spencerport *Gutierrez, Carlos, Bath Picciarillo, Joe – Hornell *Weisenreder, Gerald – Ontario
Cheski, Wm. – Hornell Hackemer, John – Warsaw Reddy, Frank – Rochester Wilcox, Robert – Almond
D’Ambrosia, Joe – Rochester Hagberg, Len – Fairport *Shaw, Henry – Wellsville Yunevich, Alex – Alfred
Damon, Walter – Industry Incardona, Frank – Rochester Smith, Ron – Castile
*Darcangelo, Robert – Corning Jordon, Ralph – Spencerport Snider, Gordon – Rochester
Davis, Jean – Warsaw *Krach, Fred – Rush Southard, Ray – Attica
The annual Spring Meeting was held after dinner at the Mt. Morris Inn on April 1, 1962.  The new officers elected were President, Don Mahon; Vice President, Don Quinn; and Secretary, Bob Baker. Topics discussed were the rating forms for officials and their use in selecting officials for Sectional Tournaments and recommending to Section 5 that Sectional officials be paid $15 per session and $5 per session to any officials who worked as scorers, timers, etc.  John Spencer suggested that Section 5 champions be entered in the NY State Tournament but this had to be approved by the Section 5 Council.  They did not approve. For the 1962-1963 season the major rules changes stated that the competition in dual meets was to be conducted in the weight order listed unless changes were mutually agreed upon and that a 2 point predicament would be scored when the offensive wrestler had control of his opponent in a pinning combination and both shoulders of the defensive wrestler were held momentarily (stopped) within approximately four inches of the mat.

1962 – 1963

The Fall Business Meeting was held on October 21, 1962.  Clinic dates were set for Canisteo, Attica, Waterloo and RIT.  Chairmen were appointed for each of 4 sites in Class A and in Class B to provide semifinalists for the Sectional Tournaments to be held at R. L. Thomas (Webster) for Class A and Attica for Class B.  Those appointed for each area of Class A were John Spencer, Rochester; Don Quinn, Monroe County; Joe Morrisette, Batavia and Finger Lakes and Joe Corcoran, Southern Tier. Those appointed for each area of Class B were Ray Southard, Wyoming-Genesee-Orleans; Weldon Canough, Monroe and Livingston; Gordon Gilfilian, Wayne-Finger Lakes and Clarence Campbell, Allegany-Steuben Counties. Ten officials and one probationary official were dropped from the list of certified officials because they failed to make the 5 Point Plan during the 1961-1962 season. WCOA CERTIFIED OFFICIALS 1962-1963 SEASON (List includes inactive officials who meet certification requirements) *Probationary and J.V. – includes first year officials, JV officials and officials who did not meet 5 point plan in previous year or were returning from inactive status
Austin, Blaine – Wellsville Davis, Ken, Rochester Mahon, Don – Bath Southard, Ray – Attica
Baier, Joe – Henrietta DeBottis, Pete – Seneca Falls *Molino, Joe – Batavia Spencer, John – Spencerport
Baker, Bob – Geneseo Fuller, Earl – Rochester *Marotta, Frank, Rochester Sykela, Andy – Henrietta
Bernabi, Leo – Spencerport Gentile, Al – Wayne Mosgrove, Bill – Hornell Terbush, Bob – Webster
Boozer, Bob – Brockport Greibus, Vic – Rochester Ordiway, John – Dansville *Trauscht, Mike – Attica
Bunce, Roger – Rochester Hackemer, John – Warsaw Nelson, Kelly – Gainsville *Traver, Don – Webster
Cheski, Wm. – Hornell Hagberg, Len – Fairport Picciarillo, Joe – Hornell Weisenreder, Gerald – Ontario
Connell, Ray – Livonia *Harter, Howard – Dansville Reddy, Frank – Rochester Wilcox, Robert – Almond
D’Ambrosia, Joe – Rochester Incardona, Frank – Rochester *Shaw, Henry – Wellsville Yunevich, Alex – Alfred
Damon, Walter – Industry Jordon, Ralph – Spencerport *Sinibaldi, Larry – Spencerport
*Daugherty, Bob – Rochester Krach, Fred – Rush Smith, Ron – Castile
Davis, Jean – Warsaw Lays, Bob – Rochester Snider, Gordon – Rochester
The Spring Business meeting was held at the Mt. Morris Inn on April 7, 1963.  There were the usual reports and discussions  about clinics, evaluating new candidates, weight control, participation in post season tournaments, Sectionals and a that a request be made to the NCAA Rules Committee to designate an official score book at dual meets because there is no such rule in the current rules book. It was also announced that Section 5 Chairman, Pete DeBottis was resigning.  New officers were elected as follows: President, Don Quinn; Vice President, Glenn Boylan; Secretary, Bob Terbush.

1963 – 1964

  Fall Business meeting was held at Mt Morris Inn on October 27, 1963. It was conducted by President Don Quinn who had been appointed Section 5 Wrestling Chairman. The dates and locations of 4 clinics were announced by Earl Fuller and Sectional dates and locations were announced by Sectional Chairman Don Quinn. New state regulations were given to coaches. They included that wrestlers had to pass a required physical exam, have a weight permit card properly signed by a physician prior to the first practice, and a rule that a student could not wrestle below the weight class recommended by the physician. The heavyweight class became 235 lb. and there was still an Unlimited. There was concern about the rating system. A card system that had been used was not adequate and a new rating sheet would be devised for circulation at the end of the year. There was discussion about the officials’ uniform and members voted to continue to use the white uniform described in the national rules. CERTIFIED OFFICIALS 1963-1964 SEASON (List includes inactive officials who meet certification requirements) *Probationary and J.V. – includes first year officials, JV officials and officials who did not meet 5 point plan in previous year or were returning from inactive status  
Austin, Blaine – Wellsville Daugherty, Bob – Rochester Jordon, Ralph – Spencerport Snider, Gordon – Rochester
Baier, Joe – Henrietta Davis, Ken, Rochester Lays, Bob – Rochester Southard, Ray – Attica
Baker, Bob – Geneseo DeBottis, Pete – Seneca Falls Marotta, Frank, Rochester Spencer, John – Spencerport
*Bentivegna, Seb – Rochester *Dimitroff, Tom – Corning *McMaster, Carl, Castile Sykela, Andy – Henrietta
Bernabi, Leo – Spencerport *Doorley, Joe – Alfred *Mills, Robert, Bath Terbush, Bob – Webster
Boozer, Bob – Brockport *Drake, Lee – North Rose Molino, Joe – Batavia *Trauscht, Mike – Attica
*Boylan, Glen, Addison Fuller, Earl – Rochester *Moracco, Francis – Geneva Traver, Don – Webster
*Brogowski, Dick, Geneseo Gentile, Al – Wayne Mosgrove, Bill – Corfu Weisenreder, Gerald – Ontario
Bunce, Roger – Rochester *Gilfilian, Gordon – Waterloo Nelson, Kelly – Gainsville Wilcox, Robert – Almond
*Capone, Ralph, Seneca Falls Hackemer, John – Warsaw Ordiway, John – Dansville Yunevich, Alex – Alfred
Cheski, Wm. – Hornell Hackett, Harold – Almond Picciarillo, Joe – Hornell
Connell, Ray – Livonia Hagberg, Len – Fairport Reddy, Frank – Rochester
*Cook, Clesson – Bath Harter, Howard – Dansville *Shaw, Henry – Wellsville
*Curry, Bob, Rochester Hawk, Wm. – Bath Sinibaldi, Larry – Spencerport
D’Ambrosia, Joe – Rochester Incardona, Frank – Rochester Smith, Ron – Castile
The 1964 Spring Business meeting was held at Mt. Morris Inn. WCOA President and Section 5 Wrestling Chairman Don Quinn reported that although the last questionnaire sent to coaches showed very little support for Intersectional competition, that he referred his request for Intersectional competition to Section 5. Ideas were suggested that wrestling might get more coverage if the press was invited to our dinner meetings, if there was more cooperation from coaches and wrestling put on a biger show by using bands, doubleheaders, etc. Members agreed to raise dues for officials to $12.50 to cover rule books, state dues and the Spring dinner meeting. Coach membership was kept at $1.00 but was very low in numbers. It was also reported that the NYSPHSAA established 235 as the maximum weight and a 13th weight over 235 would be an optional class but would be a regular class in all Sectional and Intersectional tournaments. The officers for 1964-1965 were elected as follows: President, John Spencer; Vice President, Tom McIntyre; Secretary, Bob Terbush.    

1964 – 1965

  The 1964-1965 rules changed the definitions or near fall and predicament wording to read “control of his opponent in a pinning situation and stated that the match was not to be stopped when the defensive wrestler was warned for stalling. In addition, there were some major changes that applied only to high school. They prohibited the use of sweat boxes, made the key lock illegal and required the official to stop the match (potentially dangerous) when the defensive wrestler stood up when a scissors had been placed on him. For the first time, the NCAA Rules Book devoted a page and a half to a chart pointing out the differences between college and high school rules and recognized to members of the National Federation of State High Schools as part of the NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee. The minutes an Executive Council Meeting held at RIT on October 21, 1964 indicated that it was attended by President John Spencer, Vice President, Tom McIntrye, Secretary, Bob Terbush, Earl Fuller, Bob Daugherty, Ron Smith, Walt Tieke, Al Gentile and Frank Marotta. An interpretation, test and informational meeting was held at RIT on November 23. Information discussed at the Executive meeting was passed on to all the members at the RIT meeting. It included a list of meetings, one of which was the combined Spring Dinner and Business Meeting. Meeting dates were set for both the Northern Division and Southern Divisions of Section 5. Earl Fuller would act as the interpreter at the meetings held at RIT and Henry Shaw would be the interpreter for meetings at Wellsville High. A significant change was that N. Y. State would allow a 13th weight class above 235 lb and it would be known as the Unlimited Class Correspondence found in the WCOA files indicates that there was a lack of communication and some difficulty in the organization, specifically between the members who lived in the Southern Tier area and the northern part of Section 5. There was a request by some from the Southern Tier to have a separate organization and steps were being taken to form a separate West Central chapter. The Southern Tier members had difficulty getting to Rochester for the written exam and meetings. By 1966, they succeeded in forming a separate chapter recognized by the State. CERTIFIED OFFICIALS 1964-1965 SEASON (List includes inactive officials who meet certification requirements) *Probationary and J.V. – includes first year officials, JV officials and officials who did not meet 5 point plan in previous year or were returning from inactive status  
Austin, Blaine – Wellsville *Dimitroff, Tom – Corning Incardona, Frank – Rochester Picciarillo, Joe – Hornell
Baier, Joe – Henrietta Drake, Lee – North Rose *LaMonica, Tony, Spencerport *Quethera, Lou – Geneva
*Bentivegna, Seb – Rochester Fuller, Earl – Rochester Lays, Bob – Rochester Reddy, Frank – Rochester
Bernabi, Leo – Spencerport *Furano, Don – Geneva Marotta, Frank, Rochester Shaw, Henry – Wellsville
Boozer, Bob – Brockport *Ganley, Tom – Hilton *McMaster, Carl, Castile Smith, Ron – Castile
Boylan, Glen, Addison Gentile, Al – Wayne Mills, Robert, Bath Snider, Gordon – Rochester
*Boyle, Bill, Canandaigua Gilfilian, Gordon – Waterloo Molino, Joe – Batavia Southard, Ray – Attica
Capone, Ralph, Seneca Falls Hackemer, John – Warsaw Moracco, Francis – Geneva Spencer, John – Spencerport
Cook, Clesson – Bath Hackett, Harold – Almond Morgan, Dean – Bath Terbush, Bob – Webster
Curry, Bob, Rochester Hagberg, Len – Fairport Mosgrove, Bill – Corfu Trauscht, Mike – Attica
Davis, Ken, Rochester Harter, Howard – Dansville Nelson, Kelly – Gainsville Traver, Don – Webster
DeBottis, Pete – Seneca Falls Hill, Harry – Ontario Ordiway, John – Dansville Weisenreder, Gerald – Ontario
Wilcox, Robert – Almond
The 1965 Spring dinner meeting was held on April 2 at RIT Nathanial Rochester Hall. A proposal presented by Leo Bernabi to adopt revision the WCOA Constitution was defeated (18-17) and members proposed the writing of a new constitution which would allow the organization to retain its function of serving both coaches and officials. It was further agreed that the association would be composed of split divisions of coaches and officials each carrying its own slate of officers. President John Spencer appointed the following committee to revise the constitution: The appointed officials were Leo Bernabi, Al Gentile, Pete DeBottis and Bob Lays. The appointed coaches were Tom McIntyre, Bob Daugherty, Bob Grunwald, Don Quinn, Art Connorton and Ed Ahonen. John Spencer also reported that our organization submit a request to Section 5 that our officiating fee be raised from $12.50 to $18. (Section 5 did not grant the raise.)
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