Leo Bernabi Award

Leo Bernabi was a charter member of the Wrestling Officials Association of Section V. In fact the very first meeting of the organization, then known as the Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association of Section V, was held at his home in Spencerport, NY in December 1956. Leo established and was the first coach of the Spencerport Rangers wrestling program. He guided them to a 41-11-1 in his seven year stint between 1949-1957. He went on to become the Superintendent of Schools in Spencerport and today an elementary school, in the district, bears his name. He continued as a outstanding official and administrator in both the high school and college ranks. His contributions in establishing a referee training and development program was instrumental in helping Section V officials to become some of the finest in NY State wrestling.  Leo was the first Section V official to be elected President of the NY Sate Wrestling Officials Association. Under his leadership he transformed that organization from one that was lead by just a few to one of inclusivity. He laid the groundwork for its presidency to rotate with representatives from the various sections throughout the state. He is a member of the Section V and NY State Wrestling Halls of Fame. It is only fitting that Leo’s contributions be honored by naming this award after him.

The Leo Bernabi Award is presented to the wrestling official who has made exceptional contributions to the WOA of Section V, especially through officiating. The award is only awarded when an official has made such contributions to be recognized and therefore is not necessarily an annual award.

Bernabi Award Winners by Year
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YEAR Picture Name Link
2020 No Award
2019 Rob Peters Read Post
2018 Steve Simons
2017 No Award
2016 No Award
2015 Joe Zuniga Read Post
2014 No Award
2013 Gene Oberst Read Post
2012 Joe Alvarez Read Post
2011 No Award
2010 Leo Rhodes Read Post
2009 Guy Bowers Read Post
2008 Matt Smith Read Post
2007 Steve Burton
2006 Dave Goodwin Read Post
2005 Don Delaney
2004 Ray Watt Read Post
2003 No Award
2002 Tom Polsinelli
2001 Jim Berner
2000 Dave Grazul Read Post
1999 Sam Linsner Read Post
1998 Russ Tronolone Read Post
1997 Joe Gugino Read Post
1996 No Award
1995 Ray Magee
1994 Steve Dalbreth
1993 Jim Wild
1992 No Award
1991 Tony LaMonica
1990 Joe Molino
1989 Don DeBadts
1988 No Award
1987 Walt Teike
1986 No Award
1985 No Award
1984 Mike Giagios
1983 No Award
1982 Tom Trout
1981 Bob Jones
1980 Roscoe Hastings
1979 Al Feuz
1978 Len Hagberg
1977 Earl Fuller
1976 Al Gentile
1975 Frank Marotta
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