John Ordiway - Outstanding Wrestler Award

John Ordiway was an official with the WCOA of Section 5 during the 1960’s. Throughout Section 5 he was a well known sports enthusiast as the head football coach for Pittsford and as a wrestling official. His personality, his concern for young people and his style of officiating made him one of the most popular and respected officials in the area. The coaches and wrestlers loved to have him referee their matches and his fellow officials loved working with him. In 1968 he tragically lost his battle with leukemia.

He was such an outstanding man his officiating colleagues wanted to be sure that he would never be forgotten. The WOA of Section 5 decided to honor him by naming the Outstanding Wrestler Award after him. This award is presented to the Outstanding Wrester in the Section 5 NY State Wrestling Tournament qualifier. The award was first presented in 1969 to Mike Duffy of East Rochester. In the 2003-2004 season the NY State tournament divided in to two tournaments crowning champions representing large schools (Division 1) and small schools (Division 2). Following suit the Section 5 NY State qualifying tournament broke into two tournaments and thus the WOA presented two awards one each in Division 1 and Division 2. The selection are based on the votes of the WOA officials who are present at the tournament. 

Bernabi Award Winners by Year
YEAR Picture Name - School Link
2012-13 Frankie Gissendanner 126lb - Penfield (D1)
Sean Peacock 120lb - Midlakes (D2)
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2011-12 Vincent DePrez 113lb - Hilton (D1)
Quinton Murphy 138lb - Holley (D2)
2010-11 Joe Bonaldi 140lb - Greece Olympia (D1)
Jon Miller 130lb - Wayland Cohocton (D2)
2009-10 Bob Dierna 130lb - Wayne (D1)
Colton Dalerth 112lb Marion (D2)
2008-09 Christian Boley 189lb - Brockport (D1)
Ian Paddock 135lb - Warsaw (D2)
2007-08 Bryan Bourne 160lb - Spencerport (D1)
Alex Ekstrom 135lb - Palmyra Macedon (D2)
2006-07 Bryan Bourne 160lb - Spencerport (D1)
Alex Ekstrom 125lb - Palmyra Macedon (D2)
2005-06 Josh Patterson 171lb - Wayne (D2)
Sammy Damthongmivanh 125lb - Pembrook (D2)
2004-05 Gregor Gillespie 145lb - Webster Schroeder (D1)
Zac Condidorio 112lb - LeRoy (D2)
2003-04 Trevor Chinn 145lb - Canandaigua (D1)
Andrew Grillo 135lb - Holley (D2)
2002-03 Steve Stulpin 160lb - Spencerport
2001-02 Cory Lawrence 152lb - Hornell
2000-01 John Ames 152lb - North Star
1999-2000 Dan Chase 160lb - Rush Henrietta
1998-99 Gary Borrelli 112lb - Spencerport
1997-98 Keith Pittinaro 130lb - East Rochester
1996-97 Jason DeBruin 135lb - Spencerport
1995-96 Otto House 105lb - Hornell
1994-95 Charlie Voorhees 105lb - Warsaw
1993-94 Brian Aparo 132lb - Victor
1992-93 Sirrell Gissendanner 167lb - Spencerport
1991-92 Joe Barbera 105lb - Spencerport
1990-91 Kenny Porter 138lb - Alfred Almond
1989-90 Bryant Ranger 112lb - Midlakes
1988-89 Jon Welch 167lb - Canandaigua
1987-88 Andy Antonucci 105lb - Hilton
1986-87 Tim McKee 91lb - Bath Haverling
1985-86 Rick Suhr - 155lb - Spencerport
1984-85 Joel Lamson 119lb - Waterloo
1983-84 Marty King - 126lb - Canandaigua
1982-83 Angelo DeAngelis - 132lb - Spencerport
1981-82 Chris Kane 132lb - Penfield
1980-81 Bob Button 215lb - Newark
1979-80 Larry Kane 105lb - Penfield
1978-79 Matt King - 119lb - Canandaigua
1977-78 Don St. James 119lb - Rush Henrietta
1976-77 Dave Halladay 119lb - Fairport
1975-76 Robert Hadsell 132lb - Geneva
1974-75 Frank DeAngelis - 138lb - Spencerport
1973-74 Brad Ahonen 155lb - Victor
1972-73 Clayton Barnard 155lb - Hilton
1971-72 Al Valieri 145lb - Spencerport
1970-71 Dewight Cartwright 177lb - Keshequa
1969-70 Don Jones 138lb - Canandaigua
1968-69 Mike Duffy 157lb - East Rochester
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