2020-2021 Season Information

The WOA is unable to use school facilities for meetings because of the COVID situation so we are doing our best to work around this and still meet our certification requirements. The State has directed us to proceed on the assumption that we will have a season although the start may be changed. Any wrestling official who intends to work high school matches this season in the leagues serviced by our chapter, must attend a compulsory meeting either in person or by Zoom. This meeting will emphasize all rule changes and interpretations.

Check your email. If you don’t attend in person, it is expected that your dues will be sent to the secretary prior to the meeting so your rule book can be mailed to you.

Exam dates for the Online National Federation Exam : Oct 15 – Nov 30

This is the only time exam can be taken and there is no provision for a makeup. Officials will NOT get any assignments until an 85% exam score is on file. Please wait until you have your new rule book.


Russ Tronolone will be contacting you by email regarding availalbility when team schedules are in place

Probationary varsity referees

Marcus Crawford, Dylan Hill and Jesse Jones have been elevated to probationary varsity status as a result of their mat test performance in January. New probationary varsity officials will be required to meet prior to the start of the wrestling season with the WOA president and Executive Council to review varsity responsibilities. A first year varsity official should not expect to draw a large number of varsity assignments and should be ready to officiate at the JV and Modified levels. The names of those not promoted will be included on the JV roster as long as meetings, dues and other requirements are met.

Dues and Active Status

Dues are due by the first meeting (Monday November 9). Return the signed information form with the dues.  Varsity dues = $115, JV Dues = $90, Inactive member dues = $90. Dues must be paid to be considered an active status referee. Make check out to WOA of Section 5 and mail to Frank Marotta 126 Mendota Drive, Rochester, NY 14626.

If you plan to be inactive for the current season please review the WOA By-Laws, Article VII (Limitations and Penalties) for your obligations. Also contact Frank Marotta to discuss your plans.

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