Ask A Referee

Welcome to the WOA of Section 5 Ask a Referee Page. This blog is intended for the use of referees, coaches and spectators to get a more in depth interpretation of the rules of High School wrestling. It will also help in understanding the many nuances in judging a situation.  Please do not use this site to defend or accuse any referee in any decision that he or she may make.  All interpretations and explanations will be based on the then current NFHS wrestling rulebook and the New York State modifications to it found in the “Green Book”.   

The WOA of Section 5 is very fortunate to have the NY State interpreter as a member of our unit. As such we will strive to have as many questions answered by him or another qualified interpreter. We also have an extensive library of video interpretations that can be found on our Rule Interpretations page.

When asking a question please be as specific as possible so that the interpreter can get a clear picture of the situation. For example: Wrestler A (WA) is in control with Wrestler B (WB) on his belly on the mat.  WA has ahold of WB’s wrist on the left side with his left hand and is applying pressure on WB’s upper arm and shoulder with his forearm.  Be sure to provide your email address and name as any question asked may require follow up. We will also not share your full name or contact information when posting answers to questions. 

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