Rules Interpretations

Post that give detailed interpretations throughout the season

2020-21 Rule Update – Facial Hair

In an effort to address some situations that have occurred recently dealing with facial hair and the wearing of masks during pre-meet inspections of contestants and during competition, the following information is being provided. Rule 4-2-1 is still in effect, it has not been eliminated or modified.  “During competition, all wrestlers shall be clean shaven …

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2020-21 Season Rules Updates

4-1-1c Note – Clarified that female wrestlers wear an undergarment that completely covers their breast and that all wrestlers wear suitable undergarments that completely covers parts of their body for the singlet and/or form-fitted compression shirt uniform top. Rationale: Female contestants shall wear a suitable undergarment that completely covers their breasts and minimizes the risk of exposure …

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2013-2014 Pre-Season Rules Interpretations

RULES INTERPRETATION MEETING FOLDER – 2013-2014 Forfeit Doesn’t Count Toward Daily Match Limit Effective with the 2013-14 season, forfeits in high school wrestling will no longer count toward a wrestler’s daily match limit. Wrestlers are limited by rule to five matches in one day. The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Wrestling Rules …

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