Life Membership Award

In 1966, WCOA President, Leo Bernabi, suggested that an award be presented to those coaches or officials who were no longer active in the association but had made significant contributions to the organization that merited recognition. That new award became the Life Membership Award. The 1967 Spring banquet saw the first 3 members presented with Life Membership. In 1977 when the WCOA became the WOA the award continued to honor either a coach or official who made significant contributions.

Life Membership Award Winners by Year
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YEAR Picture Name Contribution
2017 Steve Dalberth Official   Read Post
2016 Lem Rogers Official
2016 Ray Magee Official
2015 Guy Bowers Official   Read Post
2013 Tom Polsinelli Official   Read Post
2012 Tom English Official   Read Post
2011 Ed Notebaert Official
2010 Ray Watt Official   Read Post
2010 Joe Gustianis Official   Read Post
2003 Joe Gugino Official   Read Post
2002 Don DeBadts Official
2002 Jim Berner Official
2000 Sam Linsner Official   Read Post
2000 Jeff DeRidder Official   Read Post
1999 Jim Wild Official   Read Post
1999 Mike Giagios Official   Read Post
1996 Mike Stakus Official
1995 Tony LaMonica Official
1994 Joe Molino Official
1992 Len Hagberg Official
1991 Tom Trout Official
1991 Roscoe Hastings Official
1988 Al Gentile Official, Charter Member   Read Post
1988 Earl Fuller Coach, Official, Founder & Charter Member   Read Post
1983 Bob Jones Official
1979 Gordon Gilfilian Coach & Official
1979 John Spencer
1975 Ron Smith Official
1973 Leo Bernabi Coach, Official, Founder and Charter member of WCOA
1973 Bob Baker Coach & Official
1968 Pete DeBottis Coach, Official, Section 5 Chairman
1968 Bob Terbush Coach & Official
1967 Frank Reddy Official
1967 John McNab Official
1967 Tony Beisman Coach and Charter member & Founder
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